The task for the project was to design exhibit equipment for the  Ural School of Arctic Design. Arctic School of Design is famous for designing strategies and finding systemic solutions of the problems of "life development" in the northern latitudes. The School focuses on development of efficient life-support systems for sustainable living and working on arctic territories, with focus on protection and ethically responsible use of the cultural capital of the local indigenous peoples.
This project was inspired by Khanty’s ornaments. Ornament elements can be seen on the top view projection. 
The exhibition’s image is built on the contrast of the polar day and night — passing through a dark tunnel, the visitor enters a bright space with bright accents: floor covering and signs on the equipment. Lack of the sun and low temperatures are usually solved by implementing warm colour into design solutions. 
Exhibit Space          

Industrial Design, Interior Design, 3D Modelling

  Adobe Illustrator, 3Ds Max